A top down view of a table laid out with many vegan dishes and salads, with 4 people taking servings to their plates using utensils


Vegan Culinary Excellence

At The Point Restaurant, our menu embodies vegan culinary artistry. Each dish tells a story, showcasing the richness of vegan cuisine. Our starters introduce diners to the prominence of plant-based ingredients, leading to mains that highlight vegan versatility. Desserts conclude the experience, blending sweetness with vegan nuances.

We offer thoughtfully curated three-course and five-course meals, providing a deep dive into vegan gastronomy. Our philosophy centres on the idea that gourmet dining can be ethical. Every dish underscores this, blending taste and ethics seamlessly. We invite diners to experience this harmonious fusion at The Point Restaurant.

Entrée Selections

Our entrée dishes are a harmonious blend of creativity, taste, and vegan philosophy. Each dish is meticulously crafted, ensuring that diners embark on a memorable culinary journey right from the start.

Drawing inspiration from global gourmet vegan recipes, our entrées are a testament to the versatility and richness of plant-based ingredients.

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Main Courses

Our main courses are a testament to the boundless possibilities of vegan cuisine. From reimagined classics to innovative fusions, our menu offers a diverse range of flavours, textures, and aromas, ensuring that every palate is catered to.

Whether you’re seeking the comfort of familiar tastes or the thrill of culinary adventure, our main courses promise an experience that transcends the ordinary. Dive into a world where every ingredient is chosen with purpose, every dish is a work of art, and every bite is a celebration of vegan gourmet at its finest.

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Dessert Selection

Our dessert offerings are not mere sweet treats but a culmination of culinary artistry, ensuring that the end of your meal is as memorable as its beginning.

Each dessert is crafted with precision, balancing flavours and textures to create a harmonious blend.

Here are some of our signature vegan desserts:

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Curated Culinary Experiences

Beyond our individual menu offerings, The Point Restaurant also presents diners with the option of curated multi-course meals.

These set menus are designed to provide a comprehensive dining experience, allowing patrons to journey through a series of dishes that have been thoughtfully paired together.

3-Course Meal

Ideal for those seeking a concise yet fulfilling dining experience, our 3-course meal typically begins with an appetiser, followed by a main course, and concludes with a dessert. Each dish is selected to ensure a harmonious flow of flavours and textures, creating a cohesive culinary narrative from start to finish.

5-Course Meal

For diners looking to indulge in a more extensive gastronomic exploration, our 5-course meal offers a deeper dive into our vegan gourmet offerings. This experience commences with two appetisers, each introducing a unique flavour profile, followed by two main courses that showcase the breadth of our culinary expertise, and culminates in a dessert that perfectly rounds off the meal.

Both our 3-course and 5-course meals are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that each course complements the next. It’s not just about individual dishes but about weaving them together into a story of taste and innovation. Whether you opt for three courses or five, you’re in for a memorable dining experience that encapsulates the essence of The Point Restaurant’s vegan culinary vision.

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Vegan Beverages: A Symphony of Flavours

At The Point Restaurant, our commitment to veganism extends beyond our food menu. We understand that a meal is truly complete when paired with the perfect drink. Hence, our beverage menu is curated to offer a wide range of vegan-friendly drinks that complement our gourmet dishes.

From wines that are processed without the use of animal-derived fining agents to cocktails that replace traditional ingredients with vegan alternatives, our drink selection is as diverse as it is delightful.

Here are some of the crowd favourites:

Our selection of vegan wines and cocktails ensures that our patrons have a plethora of choices, whether they’re looking for something to pair with their meal or a standalone drink to enjoy. At The Point Restaurant, every sip is a celebration of veganism, taste, and innovation.

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